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Layered Wavy Bob Hairstyles for Women, Girls

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The front straight, choppy layers contour the face ideally. The fabulous ruffled bob and the shaved pony look charming and cool.

Full-length serrated cut layers give the polished graduate Bob a shaggy look. The trendy hairstyle is ideal for people who are looking for style with boost and volume.

Styling steps

  • Cut layers to the top and round off the sides to form the pretty shape that fits perfectly for people who want to be dressed.
  • Create some pony at the front to add more wow factor and ideally enhance the look. Hold the length at shoulder height to accentuate the chin line.
  • Wrap the top part with some curls to add more volume.

Layered Wellenförmige Bob Frisuren für Frauen, Mädchen

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