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How to do a vintage hairstyle

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Wie man eine Vintage Frisur tut
How To Make A Vintage Hairstyle / About

This is a stunning vintage pinup hairstyle that looks romantic and elegant. The long ingenious flower pop emphasizes the charm of the hairstyle. The bright red bandana looks striking and gives the whole look cool and wowige accents. A soft-hold styling product ensures a light finish.
Make your hair into a high ponytail and let some pony loose.
Divide the pony into three parts and tease each part on the base and roll it with your fingers to a victory role.
Safe with Bobby Pins.
Breastfeed the ponytail in a looped knot.
Lay the prepared bandana on the base and bring the sides up and forward and tie.

Wie man eine Vintage Frisur tut


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