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Homecoming Updoings: Faux Hawk Updos Tutorial

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Hochsteckfrisuren für Heimkehr: Faux Hawk Updos Tutorial
Homecoming Updo: Faux Hawk Updos / Faux Hawk Updos

This gorgeous and special Faux Hawk make-up looks romantic and mild. The cool hairstyle is perfect for people who are looking for a modern hairstyle with a lot of volume. It is suitable for oval facial structures. A little styling cream can help keep it clean and shine for loners. The ultra-voguish up style can earn many admiring glances.
Turn and pull the hair evenly on both sides.
Twist in the middle and wrap the twist in a bun.
Repeat the same step and twist the hair strands up to the neck.
Apply some flexible hairspray to keep it in place.

Hochsteckfrisuren für Heimkehr: Faux Hawk Updos Tutorial


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