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Half Up Heart Bun 2020

Valentine’s Day has passed for another year, but we can wear heart hairstyles all year round! This hairstyle is so cute, it’s perfect for a romantic dinner, wedding or a fun Friday night!

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairpins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty level: medium-hard

Step by step instructions:

1. Start by pulling your hair up in half a ponytail, but stay around on both sides and inches (around the face).
2. Pick up one hair piece on the front side. Divide into 3 parts and form a regular 3-strand braid. After a few stitches, go back and braid your braid.
3. Once your braid is long enough to reach the back of your head, temporarily secure it with a hairclip.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 on the other side of the head.
5. Take your half ponytail and push it up and out of the way.
6. Return your two braids and fasten them under your ponytail with a small rubber band.
7. Move your ponytail back down. Divide the hair directly over the rubber band in half.
8. Pull your ponytail through the gap you created so it pops up. Secure temporarily with a clip.
9. On the one hand, take a small piece of hair straight under a braid and twist away from your face. Drag the edges of your rotation to create volume.
10. Take your turn and pull it over on the opposite side of the ponytail.
11. Secure your twist with a bobby pin under the rubber band.
12. Repeat steps 10-11 on the opposite side.
13. Gently pull on your turns so that they are lower than the braids.
14. Release your ponytail and split it into two pieces. Put a section up and out of the way.
15. Work with the first side of the ponytail, spray your piece of hair with spray wax or hairspray.
16. Make your first heart loop and fix it with a hair clip.
17. Repeat step 16 on the other side.
18. Temporarily click your loops while creating your ponytail at the bottom of the heart. Secure your ponytail with a small rubber band in the middle of your head.
19. Loosen your clips on the heart loops. Reset everything. Pull on the turns in the middle of the heart, if necessary, to cover all the rubber bands or hairpins.
20. Now take a small piece of hair from your heart’s ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. 21. You can either pull the end through the rubber band or secure with a hairclip.
22. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.

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