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Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for the year 2020

When the weather is not so hot, you have the opportunity to experiment with different types of downdos. Half Updo hairstyles are just perfect for any occasion and if you want to try something new. Change your normal bun into a unique half-down hairstyle.

Half styles and braids are the best friends. A single braid can bring your half updo up one step. When it comes to braids and half-down hairstyles, you have lots of ideas to experiment with. These hairstyles look good on both wavy and straight hair. Continue reading to see half of the hairstyles for 2019.

Half Updo and Braid

Ladies who want to create instagram-worthy hair should consider this half-half hairstyle. It’s just amazing in its simplicity and elegance. Even those with minimal styling skills can achieve this beautiful half-style. Start with a mini-side braid and attach it to the back. Then bring a small piece from the other side and put it under the braid. Give the tips a little ripple and your insta hair is done.

Chunky Side Braid and Curls

This chunky braid is the best accessory for any half-up-half-style. It’s a Dutch braid that starts from the front and goes back. If you do not know how to reach a Dutch braid, watch YouTube tutorials. After several attempts, you can recreate the most complicated Dutch braids. This half-length updo looks good on medium-long hair.

Twisted Half Updo

Twisted half-up half-down hairstyles are easier to get than braided ones. Medium-length hair is the best canvas for this half-twisted hairstyle. All you have to do is turn some of your curls and then put them on your back. It is the most effortless but delicate half updo that you can wear. Striking hair highlights are bonus for this look.

Revers Braids and Half Updo

Choose a non-traditional way to braid your hair. Take a look at popular beauty blogger Missy Sue. She rocks curtain like braids that create a beautiful frame for her face. Braids remind us of a boho-inspired headband, while blond-brown strands give this semi-high style an exquisite touch. The next half below can also be a good option for you.

Half Updo for straight hair

In fact, the look of your updo also depends on your hair type. This magical half-down hairstyle is achieved by the continuous braiding technique on straight hair. Apart from this design, ombre hair color is also impressive. It requires the transition from dark base to bright peaks.

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