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Hairstyles for short hair in 2020

It is no secret that the majority of women are looking for an effortless hairstyle. Well, modern women are busy doing their business and housework. Having time to style their strands is less, we understand that too. And remembering that, in 2019 we developed light hairstyles for short hair.

The following ideas are for you if you have always been in short crops. I am sure you will love the pictures below and have several options to style your locks.

Beautiful marigold pieces

The following haircut is surprisingly versatile and can be messy or rolled up. However, you do not have to have natural ringlets as you can achieve the desired effect with the help of hair products and tools. If you are blessed with natural ringlets, you can skip the styling. Rock this gorgeous short hairstyle both casually and formally.

Curly Bob

What can be more feminine and catchy than a curly bob? If you have natural curls, do not hesitate to embrace them and rock a chic hairstyle like this one. Chin spiral curls are just stunning on chin length bobsleigh. In fact, the curls are the best to spice up your short hair. Here is the proof of my words. If you’re looking for extra attention, rock the following style for yourself.

Brushed curls

Try to achieve a fair amount of clutter by rocking that partially burned-out look. Everything about this hairstyle is immaculate. It looks super natural and effortless. Before deciding on this haircut, it is important to consider your face shape. Show this picture to your hairdresser and try to find out if it is a suitable hairstyle for you or not.

Blatted Elf

Here, the naturally tighter curls are smoothed to a funky finish without losing their shape. If you want to give your tresses more definition and shine, make sure that you finish with a gloss enhancing hair product. Compared to long hair, however, this style is relatively easy to achieve on shorter hair. If you’re ready for a big commitment, chop your hair to that length and style that way.

Messy Pixie

Here is a beautiful hairstyle option for women who like to have a bit of chaos in their style. This pixie is more fun and effortless, as you just have to apply the right amount of hair gel on the strands and play with the texture of the curls.

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