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Hairstyles for round faces in 2020

There are hairstyles for all face shapes and you have to find the best idea for your face. Be it square, heart-shaped or long, you have many options to choose from. Today we focused on the round face and in 2019 we put together great hairstyles for women with round faces .

While choosing a hairstyle for this shape, you must remember that the haircut or hairstyle should give your face visual length. These flattering hairstyles give you a basic idea of ​​how to get the perfect look with the right hairstyle.

Updo with crown

Fortunately, this beautiful updo is perfect for women with round faces. It’s about making the hair a bit bouffant and braiding the remaining strands. Obviously, it’s an easy-to-make hairstyle that’s all about hairpins. This bun is not over the top, and the tendrils that fall on the front give it a flattering touch. You can finish the style by adding a crown like a real princess.

Face framing waves

These flattering waves can not be ignored by women with round faces. Take a look at this picture, this beautiful model rocks challenging waves painted with platinum blond. Note that it is not monotonous blonde, it is dull gray, which passes from ash-blonde to platinum-blonde. When it comes to waves, you can use curling iron or braid your hair overnight and untie it in the morning.

Luxurious downdo

This downdo is perfect for round faces. It’s a fabulous formal hairstyle that can rock you even on your big day. This look is all about your hair and you’re tied up in a half to half style. The design is all about curls that are decorated with eye-catching flowers. In fact, the style looks impressive on longer hair. If you have it, try this look.

Blunt pony and waves

Burgundy waves are gorgeous, but if they would look so cool without a real haircut? I do not think so. The strands get some cool layers and a blunt bang that almost covers the eyebrows. It is a face framing headdress that works for everyone. It is a useful style for women with round faces. Do not hesitate to rock this hairstyle and make a fashion statement.

Ponytail with bouffant

With a cute ponytail like this you’ll never be wrong. It requires you to give your crown part a bit bouffant. You can get it by annoying the crown part of your hair. Do not try to exaggerate the Bouffant, or you will have an outdated appearance. As for the color, go for pastels.

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