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Hairstyles for medium hair 2019

Universally appealing medium-length hair suits everyone. It’s the best length because it opens up plenty of styling options while requiring less maintenance. You are free to rock braids, ponytails, different types of buns and half-down hairstyles. I have selected some sweet hairstyles for medium hair 2019 .

Hairstyles for medium hair 2019

If you have no idea about styling your locks, follow these amazing styles and everything will be more than clear.

Low Curly Buns

Let’s start our list with an expensive hairstyle like this one. What we love about this headdress is that it does not show the actual length of the strands. To make it, you have to pull your hair back and secure in such a bun. It is achieved on medium-waved hair and secured with hair clips. In addition to the updo, you’ll need some tendrils on the front to complete your ultra-feminine look.

low curly bun

Rose gold waves

These waves are not easy as they contain the most refined and feminine hair color ever. In fact, color is the first thing that attracts attention. It requires some skills to achieve. By mixing rose gold and platinum tones you get a chic hair color like this. To show the beauty of the sounds, you can choose beach waves. Beach waves are one of the most sought after hairstyles for medium hair.

Rose gold waves

Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2019: Pin Up Curls

Pin-up curls take us back to the past as women rock different high-rise hairstyles. Here is a modern version of retro-downdowns. Colorful mini bobby pins are used to poke the curls. But in addition to the hairstyle, the hair color attracts attention. It’s a mix of ashy and lavender tones for a whole new hue. Such action can never look old. Try it only for changes.

Pin Up Curls

Top knot

If you dream of a statement hairstyles, you can love them. It’s not a bit demanding, it’s just a top knot, but when it comes to color, it’s light, bold and edgy. This color uses multiple tones that take the topknot a step further. It is easy to achieve if you have a light base like platinum blond. There are also fringes that cover the part of her eyebrow.

top knot

Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2019: Braided Crown

Medium-length hair allows wearing different types of braids too. One of the best examples is shown below. It’s a chunky braid that starts from one side and reaches to another while creating a crown-like design. The hairstyle is spiced up with rainbow hair color. In fact, it’s also a bold style, but it looks so good on medium hair.

Braided crown


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