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Hairstyles for long faces 2020

The shape of the face is the most important element to achieve a harmonious appearance. It is very important to choose the right hair so that your image looks beautiful and harmonious. Many girls dream of having a skinny face and believe that this is a standard form that will make any woman look beautiful.

This opinion, however, is very wrong, because you sometimes have to work with your face extended no less than round one. There are a number of features of this form that can be both advantages in the appearance of the woman, as well as a significant drawback. Let’s see what hairstyles are trendy for long faces in 2019.

Hairstyles for Long Faces 2019: Haircuts for long-stretched faces

Owners of this type of face usually have slim, even skinny body constitution. You can often see acute chin and sunken cheeks with chiseled cheekbones. If you have such a face shape, you should look for the right hairstyle   respect, think highly of . In this case, you have to be careful because misplacing the priorities in appearance can lead to sad visual consequences.

Short hairstyles for long faces 2019

Many fashionable hairstyles for elongated shape of the face are created on short strands. The most important principle to consider when choosing a hairstyle is to maintain gloss and volume. It is very important to visually increase the face width to compensate for the proportions.

Girls with this shape are suitable multilayer cascade racks. You can even try to stain, this effect will add extra volume. In addition, classic square with straight dense bangs will look good on elongated face. To add volume to the cheek area, you can curl strands into small waves starting from the middle of the hair length.

Medium and long haircuts

If you prefer average hair length, then you get classic cascade with slight effect of negligence. Varied waves and curls will also be a worthy choice of hairstyles for long faces 2019. Optimal in haircut for long-stretched face is straight part.

For example, you can take Sarah Jessica Parker. Girl looks good with long hair, laid in big curls. Besides, she uses straight farewell. Another actress with an elongated face, Liv Tyler prefers straight bang and lures strands in light waves from the middle of the hair length.

The singer Kylie Minogue loves to change her image, but most of all, her hair goes to the middle hair with a great volume that fits perfectly to her face shape.

Hairstyles for Long Faces 2019: Haircuts lengthen the face

Since the elongated shape is more distinctive and requires a correction of proportions, it is worth paying attention to the hairstyles that are categorically contraindicated for this type of person. First of all, we can notice an asymmetrical bean with an oblique bang.

This haircut was designed to visually lengthen the face, which is undesirable in our case. Another hairstyle that saves many chubby ladies is short-haired with fleece. It will also only spoil the entire visualization of extended-face girls. Also, do not choose long straight hair or make big, licked cock.

This option will only worsen the situation and make your face look even slimmer and longer. In addition, it is not recommended to make small curls, as an imbalance of long facial and elastic spirals on the hair is possible.

Before you go to the beauty salon, carefully weigh all the pros and cons. Do not choose a hairstyle just because it’s trendy now. The main thing in the look is harmony and confident looks, so you prefer right haircuts that fit your face type.


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