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A hairstyle is the most important part of your picture. It’s no secret that a proper haircut improves your looks many times over. Even a simple one can get a sophisticated look with the right details. A nice accessory can give your updo or downdo a special atmosphere. Hair jewelry is great for any hair length, including short, medium and long. You do not have to consider this fact before deciding on a suitable accessory. Below I have added some hairstyles with beautiful accessories . Scroll down to see everyone.

Nice clip and updo

Alexa Chung looks ridiculously great as always. She rocks a loose updo hidden at the nape of her neck. The updo is made on short hair so anyone with short to long bobsleigh can reach the style. Well, the updo is split in the middle and some tendrils are out of the bun. She has finished this ultra-feminine ‘do with a chic clip. Obviously, a beautiful head piece takes everything one step higher.

Athens goddess hair

We loved Salma Hayek’s experiment with pastel pink hair, but we should admit that brunette curls fit her like nothing else. Her stressed brown hair is styled back with loose waves. A goddess-inspired headband is applied to keep the strands out of the face. She just needed a delicate and subtle earring to complete her feminine appearance.

Headband for updo

Elle Fanning is the next one on our list. She proudly rocks an updo styled with a chic and classic headband. Due to its excellent bone structure and face shape, the bun creates a flawless appearance. She has nothing to hide. Note that this lush honey blond flatters her light skin tone and green eyes. If you have a complexion like them, do not hesitate to get that look for yourself.

Milkmaid Braid and flowers

Vanessa Hudgens is well in bohemian inspired look. Here she wears a beautiful updo, which is spiced up with wonderful flowers. So, if you plan to copy her look, make sure you have Milkmaid updo as follows. It’s not hard to achieve all you have to do is make two braids and turn them over your head to stow the tops. Get some tendrils out of the braid to complete the boho-inspired hair look.

Ponytail and ribbon

Ponytails and ribbons are the best combination of all time. A simple element like a ribbon can add a sophisticated touch to any updo. Luckily, you can achieve that style in minutes. All you have to do is pull your hair in a high ponytail and secure with elastic. Then cover the rubber band with the help of a black band. You will not regret this look.

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