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Gretchen Mol short curly hairstyles

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The blond manes are waved in mid-lengths to the ends to create the fabulous and trendy look ideal for people with blond curls. The fabulous hairstyle can be easily reproduced with a large curling iron. The soft waves on the front and sides can promote the great momentum and movement of long, nicey and soft waves to convey the simple yet beautiful hairstyle shape and charm.
Gretchen Mol kurze lockige Frisuren

The short curly hairstyles can give the ultimate soft touch.

How To Get Hair Like Gretchen Mol

To curl your hair into wavy curls and waves, be sure to beckon with a curling iron, stretch rollers, or simply scrunch them dry if you have naturally curly hair. Create loose curls and a center piece to combine the great style.

Let the hair sit on your shoulders to make the whole style more charming and brilliant. Apply a little hair spray to make the enchanting, rippled waves shine.

Gretchen Mol kurze lockige Frisuren

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