2019 Hairstyles

Gorgeous fall hairstyles, try now

Marked curls

These highlighted curls represent the young spirit and the wild nature of the model. They are a great option for the fall months. It’s not a complicated style to achieve. All you have to do is ask your hair color to set some chocolate brown highlights that are two-tone lighter than your natural hair. If you are gifted with natural curls, then skip hair tools and products otherwise use them to get refined curls.

Marked curls

Messy fishtail

A bulky and messy fishtail like this will give your whole look some drama. It is an excellent option for long haired ladies. Such a side tail braid is also easy to reach. Sweep your hair aside and braid it into a fishtail. You do not have to do it very tight. Feel free to unravel a few strands to get that excellent disheveled and unkempt style. Release some tendrils for a mood.

Fishtail braid

Low ponytail

Low ponytail seems so girly and youthful, though it can be discovered on women of various ages. The following ponytail has a simple hair band that keeps it a little higher. The key to this look is this beautiful accessory. Just secure your hair in a low ponytail and wear this band. Her brand new ponytail is ready to give you the coolest feelings for this fall.

low ponytail

Messy hair and black ribbon

Bring 80s grunge hair look with a modern twist, just like this model. Their headgear is the best choice for ladies who like to have a bit of disarray in their style. I assure you, this is the simplest hairstyle for everyone, including ladies without styling skills. It’s about pulling your hair in a messy ponytail and putting on a black band to create an illusion of headband. The messier the better.

Messy hair and black ribbon

Hair bun with pony

You are tired of regular hair bunches and looking for new ways to wear this chic updo? Well, next time, consider pondering your topknot with blunt bangs. Bangs are the fastest way to take your style to a whole new level. Choose bangs that cover your eyebrows. In fact, there is no better option for ladies with big foreheads than this one.

Hair bun with pony


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