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Flower halfway 2020

Today Katie will show how to create a beautiful, half-high hairstyle. Half-up hairstyles are so beautiful and girls love them! We love them because we can keep hair out of our face while we still have hair.

The Flower Half-Up is perfect for girls or women of all ages with medium or long hair. This half would be great to add to your boho / festival list. To see your own photo replicas of this style in our app, you can share your photos on IG with #CGHFlowerHalfUp

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, 6-7 small hair ties, 9-10 hair clips and hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Step by step instructions:

1- For extra texture, I added curls to the hair before starting. This helps to give the hair softness and fullness.
2. Take the upper part of your hair and pull backwards. The part line should be about 2 “above the ear. 3. Leave small Wispys in front of the face if necessary.
4. Comb or brush the hair to straighten it. Secure with a rubber band at the back of the head.
5. Take a small part of your ponytail and wrap your rubber band a few times and put it under it. This is called a hair-wrapped ponytail.
6. Pick up a small section of hair below your line on each side of the head. (Again, I omitted the Wispy at the front.) Take the two parts back and fasten them with a small rubber band.
7. Turn your ponytail (which you just did) and over and over yourself twice. This gives your strands a twisted effect. Pull now a bit at the edges of your turns to get a full / fluffy look.
8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 two more times directly under your second ponytail.
9. With all three little twist-back braids, you can make a normal three-strand braid all the way down. Go back and pancake a side. Secure with a small rubber band. (You want to pancaked two braids with the same side, and pancaked a braid with the opposite side.)
10. Pick up one of your braids, starting at the bottom edge, roll the braid around until you reach the top. Secure your flower with hair clips.
11. Repeat two more flowers and secure them with hairpins.
12. Finish with hairspray. {if desired}

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