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Flip Faux Fish Tail 2020

I love this cute forest fairy on the little Charlie. She wears a simple false fishtail hairstyle. This flip fishtail is so easy and it would make a great DIY hairstyle that anyone could do.

I’m attracted to boho hairstyles. They are so beautiful and remind me of the summer. This is a good hairstyle to add summer flowers to play your boho look.

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, cute butterfly clips, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 3-5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Step by step instructions:

1. Start by sharing your hair on one side.
2. Take a medium sized strand of hair from the top of the heavy side. From the front it went back a few inches. Secure the section with a small rubber band.
3. Just above your rubber band split the hair in the middle. Grab from below the whole thing that you have just created and swing your ponytail through the hole. (This is a flip)
4. Tug on the outsides of your flip loops a little to add volume. This also contributes to the soft boho look.
5. Pick up a small section of new hair just below your first section. Leave heavy Wispies in the front if desired. Combine it with your ponytail and secure it with a small rubber band.
6. Repeat the “Flip” process and pull on the sides of your loops to create volume. 7. (If you have a topsy tail tool, you may want to use at this point.) Try to angle your faux braid slightly down and back.
8. Repeat the ponytail and flip steps two more times for a total of 4 ponytails and flips.
At this point, you can leave the hairdo as it is, and add a small rubber band to your ponytail about 2 inches below your last rubber band.
9. Now fold your ponytail between the two elastics. Pancake the edges.
10. Continue this process until you run out of hair.
11. Add curly curls to the rest of the hair to complete your boho look.
12. Extra cuteness: Add flowers or butterflies to your braid.

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