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Fishtail Mermaid Braid 2020

This week, Brooklyn shares how to make a fishtail mermaid braid. Brooklyn has practiced this on friends but will use Kamri as her role model today. This is a long hair tutorial that is simple and sweet!

The Fishtail Mermaid is an option for women and teens of all ages. It works best with long hair, but can also be modified for medium hair. I do not recommend it for high activity as it is a bit sensitive.
To see your own photo replicas of this style in our app, you can share your photos on IG with #CGHFishtailMermaid

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, 1 clear hair tie, spray wax or hairspray, rosette accessory pins {if desired}.

Time required: 3-5 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Step by step instructions:

1. Start with straight hair freshly brushed.
2. Pick up a small section of hair on the front / top of the head.
3. Split your section into two parts and start a fishtail braid. Here you take a small piece of the outside of one section and cross it to add it to the other section. Then switch back and forth.
4. Once you have braided about 6 stitches (about 3 “), take a new piece of hair from the front and add in your braid. The new piece should be right above the ear from the front. Do it on both sides.
5. Now continue your fish tail for a few inches. Try to get the same distance as above before adding new hair.
6. This time, while plaiting, take two new hair pieces (one on each side of the head) from just behind the ear.
7. Perform your fishtail again at approximately the same distance as in the first two sections.
8. Add two new pieces (one on each side) around the neck.
9. Continue your fishtail a few stitches.
10. At this point you will add the remaining hair to create a big fishtail braid.
11. Gently hold your braid and divide all remaining hair in half. Add it to your two pieces holding you and use to braid. Now on to the fishtail.
12. When you reach the bottom, secure with a rubber band.
13. Go back and pull and loosen your braid a bit. This will give you a soft, full-looking braid.
14. If you want to put on your braid, you can add flowers. I chose those golden roses attached to hairpins and added Kamri’s braid.
15. Finish with hair spray or a bit of dry wax to get the fly away {if desired}.

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