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Fishtail braided Chignon hairstyles

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Fishtail geflochtene Chignon Frisuren
Fishtail Braided Chignon Hairstyles / Hair Romance

This French fishtail braided Chignon looks charming and works best on long hair without too many layers. The shell shape offers people a special look and feel. It is an ideal option for parties and appointments.

Comb all hair to eliminate the tingling sensation. Make a short part at one said and then choose a part of the hair to plait. Style a French fishtail braid from the top to another side ground. Hold a ponytail in each hand and then cross small pieces from side to side holding a ponytail in your hand. When your braid is behind your left ear, begin to braid and braid it around the lower hairline. Continue in a normal side fishtail braid until you braid all your hair. Attach the end with a small, transparent elastic band. Turn the braid into a spiral bun. Pin with bobby pins in place. Try and keep every part you add evenly.

Fishtail geflochtene Chignon Frisuren


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