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Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Cute hairstyles for girls

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Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Nette Frisuren für Mädchen
Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Cute Hairstyles for Girls / About

The long hair is braided into a causal and beautiful loose fishtail. Some side-separated layers are left out at the front and most of the hair is combed back and then separated into three parts to get the fun loose plait. Just a few simple steps can help to win the cool and romantic hairstyle.
Smooth all hair to avoid tingling.
Comb the hair back and divide it into three even sections.
Begin with the braiding in the neck area.
Fix the hair ends with a clear rubber band.
Loosen the braid for natural volume and fun.

Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Nette Frisuren für Mädchen


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