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Faux Bangs Fab or Fail?

Have you always wanted to try pony without the long term commitment? Today I will try to check 4 faux pony / fringe set.

I have ordered 4 different types of faux pony from Amazon. They ranged in price from 3.99 to 7.99 dollars.


I recommend buying multiple sets and colors of faux pony because it’s hard to compare. If you are looking for the Faux Pony online, choosing the right color is a guessing game, so I chose what I thought was the best for my hair color. You also have to cut some, and if you mess up, you’ll need a backup.

Bang # 1: AOERT

This faux pony set comes with a hair clip on the back that you can attach to your hair. All you have to do is push it back and click into place. I recommend dropping your hair around the pony so they mix with the rest of your hair.


This set of pony did not suit my hair. They were very wiping and did not fare well at first. To mix them better, I let a hair straightener glide through my hair. These blows, however, were not good for the heat.

Bang # 2: SMILCO

This set of pony was also synthetic. These had the same type of clip as the AOERT Faux Pony and can be put in the same way.


Like the AOERT pony, the SMILCO pony was not the right color and not good with my hair.

Bang # 3: REECHO

This brand came with 2 sets of faux pony. The pony had layered side hair that could be mixed with your own hair. You must wear this pony further back on the head than the other brands. This pony was definitely a heavy bang and came with thicker hair.


The side layers were very difficult to mix. To try to make the pony look more natural and blend better with my hair, I cut off the side panels and trimmed the pony to the second set.

Bang # 4: ROSSY & NANCY

My first thought when putting on the first was that they went way back on my forehead. These ponies were really long, so I had to cut them. I cut off about an inch to one and a half inches.


Since this pony was made with human hair, the pony mingled much better and the Flatiron worked perfectly on the pony. They were by far my favorite because they looked the most realistic.

Final thoughts:

I give faux pony a total fab. It’s really fun to change your hairstyle without the commitment. I do not think you wear this pony everyday, but it’s a great way to change your look. But do you know that you may need to trim them or buy a few pairs to find the perfect match. Also faux pony come in different hair types. One thing I’ve learned is that human hair takes curls better than synthetic hair.

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