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Fade haircuts for black men – best types of fades for black men

With so many different types of haircuts for black men, the best hairstyles for black hair are numerous. Whether Afro-Fade, Temple-Fade or Taper-Fade – black mens haircuts look good with faded hair on the sides. And beyond the type of cut you have to decide where to start your haircut – high, medium or low. Below we will cover the most popular fades for black guys so you can keep up with the latest trends in 2018.

Types of Fade Haircuts

There are a wide range of black men’s panels that can be cut and styled for a variety of occasions or circumstances.

Low fade

A low fade may be ideal for a business professional or a man who does not want too much of the sides cut hair for a subtle look. The low fade haircut works well when combined with a short afro, mohawk, buzz cut, waves or high top.

High fade

The high fade is the other common haircut option. With more contrast on the sides, this cut emphasizes the hair at the top. Likewise, a fresh high-fade haircut fits perfectly to almost all kinds of looks.

Taper fade

One way to adjust your crossfade is to decide whether you want to rejuvenate or graduate to the skin. For example, a bland fade leaves a clean finish on the back and sides. Similarly, a tapered fade starts with longer hair and slowly leads to shorter hair near the bottom of the hairline. In general, a taper is a more conservative cut for people who do not want a razor finish.

Best fades for black men

To see what different types of fades you can get, look at these images for some classic and modern trends. From black men with curly hair to Taper Fade Afro you’ll find all the coolest hairstyles of 2018!

Drop Fade Afro

Low fade with curls

High Fade Line Up Faux Hawk

Afro fade with part

Curly Fade

Temple fade Mohawk Cool Beard design

Short haircut

High top fade part

Afro with low fade

Short Locs Fade

Curly Afro Fade

Skin bland short curly hair above

Hi-Top High Drop Fade

Burst Fade Mohawk

High Top Low Fade Curls

Taper Fade Part

High Taper Fade Afro

Short Locks Afro Low Fade Neck Taper

Afro Temp Fade

High skin fading long afro

High Skin Fade Buzz Cut Hair Design

Medium skins fade into curly kinky hair

Temple Fade Short Curls Shaved Part

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