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Doppelte niederländische Hälfte 2018

I love this pretty Dutch hairstyle. It’s a perfect combination of braids to create a simple DIY hairstyle.

This is perfect for prom, date night, a summer party or just every day at school.

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Step by step instructions:

1. Start by sharing your hair on one side.
2. On the heavy side, take a strand of hair from about your eyebrow back to your line.
3. Move the rest of your hair to the other side and cut it off temporarily.
4. Create a different part with your smaller hair piece. Start about an inch or back and go diagonally backwards.
5. Pick up the front part of the two; turn and temporarily pinch it out of the way.
6. Now take the back part and start a Dutch braid. (This alternately intersects the outer pieces under the center piece.) After the first complete stitch you will pick up new hair and add it to the outer piece before crossing it under the middle piece.)
7. Make sure you braid yourself in the back of the head. If you do not have any new hair left, go back and knead the edges of your braid. Braid a few extra stitches and secure them with a small rubber band. Your braid needs to be long enough to reach the back of your head.
8. Release the clip on the front and repeat steps 6-7 on this hair.
9. On the opposite side of your braids, take part of the hair (about 2 “down from the part line) and start to turn backwards. Add hair as you turn, but only from the top as you go.
10. Once you have reached your head, hold your turn, but go back and soften your twist by pulling the edges a bit. This gives him a full / soft look.
11. Now pick up the top half of your hair from the strong side plus your braids, combine with your twist and secure together with a rubber band.
12. Take the small elastics from the ends of your braids. Add a second rubber band to your ponytail. Pull the hair on the last loop only halfway to form a loop.
13. Take the tail out of your loop and turn it around your ponytail. Pull on the edges to give your twist volume and pin it down.
14. Once your tail ends are all tucked away and fixed, you can twist, adjust and pin your bow to get a pretty bun.
15. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.


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