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Creative Short Faux Locks Hairstyles for Black Women

If you have a modern hairstyle that also protects your curls, short faux-locks are the best way. These extensions do not require much commitment and they can be shaken by any hair type.

Faux locks are known to be super long, but these pictures will prove that the long length does not “have to.” They are also great in pruned forms. You do not believe? Well, look at these creative short faux locks hairstyles for black women and draw your inspiration.

Long bobsleigh and faux locks

Long bob and faux locks make the best combination ever. If you have shoulder-length, unruly, kinky strands, we have a solution for you. These amazing locks tend to prevent the tringle head and flyaway stands. They are completely protective, so forget about damaged hair tools and products. You can outfit these amazing man-made locks with eye-catching beads.

Micro Faux closures

Short faux-locks can give you a delicate and ultra-feminine look just like this one. It is a fabulous option for ladies with fine mane. It is also impossible not to notice the striking and lively blue hair color of the strands. However, this deep blue hue is unexpected, appealing and modern. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, try the following version and get a lot of attention.

Layered Faux Dreadlocks

For a luxurious hair look, consider this particular headgear. Faux locks are styled with extra volume. Layers that have been added to the style give the look a certain shape. If you want to give your locks extra height, we offer you the option of choosing layers. Dress your curls with gold wire accents and complete the style by removing your locks.

Page Parted Bob

This is the most petite and exquisite bob that any black woman can taste. You can ask your barber to use the crochet method to achieve this amazing style. This style is created with a barely existing side piece that takes things a step further. Show this picture to your hairdresser and ask him for the same style.

Faux Locks Plus Double Buns

Looking for an Instagram-worthy hairstyle? Well, here it is. The following headdress is achieved with the help of false locks. All you have to do is apply these faux-locks, pull up a few sections of your tresses and make half a half down double bun. I’m sure with such a hairstyle you will not only get many followers, but also inspire others to copy it.

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