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Coolest black girl hairstyles

Being a black beauty is blessing. You just need to know how to best bring out the beauty of your complexion and texture. Black women are characterized by their kinky texture. Gone are the days when they always wore the same hairstyles. Black girl hairstyles are great to express your individuality and personality.

Check out these eye-catching hairstyles and find your best inspiration among these beautiful models and start to appreciate their natural texture. When you are ready, we start.

The faux hawk

We decided to start with a clever falconry like this one. If you have short dreads, this false hawk is exactly what you need to try. In fact, this style is not for women with weak hearts. The headdress is perfect for women of courageous and independent nature. Keep the pages short to draw attention to the head. It is the highest moment to try such an outstanding hairstyle.

Bantu Knots: black girl hairstyles

Bantu knots are back in hair fashion. It is the best option for black women and not only. The biggest thing is that you do not have to make an extra effort to reach Bantu knots. The key to this look are the twisted sections of hair that are secured with Bantu knots. These knots are great for taming your unruly strands and taking them out of your face. Rock the style with statement earrings.

Yarn braids

Yarn braids allow you to perform various experiments. You have the opportunity to play with colors and rock your favorite sounds. Ask your stylist for blue extensions and apply them to your hair, sweep them aside and create a catchy hairstyle like this one. You can pearl your braids to improve them. These long braids will make people copy it.

Blue Afro: black girl hairstyles

When we talk about black girl hairstyles, Afros are absolutely in the topic. If you’re a fashion conscious woman, then you’ll love this idea of ​​rocking your afro. It has an unusual blue tone that makes the style catchy. Apart from that, Afro is equipped with a nice bandana. In fact, it’s the modern way to rock African American hairstyle.

Buzz haircut

If you’re tired of regular styling but still want a good look, this Pixie is for you. It is daring and ultra-feminine. The strands are cut close to the scalp and then dyed pastel blue. The harvest flatters the face shape of the model and brings out the best. If you want to get more attention, this is the best way to go.

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