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Cool hairstyles with Dutch, Cornrow and other pigtails for 2020

Boxer braids, indoor braids, fishtail and cornrows are still our favorite braids. They always have a complicated look, but in reality you just have to have some braiding. Here I have put together cool hairstyles with Dutch Cornrow and other pigtails for 2019 . If you can braid well and find yourself in braided styles, read on and discover the best dos of all time. I am sure you will love one of these styles and get them for yourself.

Three-strand braid

In fact, we should start with a simple three-strand braid. It is the easiest way to achieve braid. I’m sure everyone knows how to make a regular three-pronged job. It’s like nothing else today. Three-strand braids look exceptionally good on long and thick hair, though women with medium hair can also get the look. Update your hair color to highlight the braid.

French plait

Once you master a three-stranded braid, you can easily move on to the French braid. With a French braid, you need to pick up the strands from both sides of your head and add it to the braid during work. The headdress is impressive on thick mane. For extra length you may consider hair extensions. In that case, you can change your hair color for a flashy look.

Fishtail braid

Here we are with our favorite pigtail fishtail. This braid is also popular with celebrities. It can either be tight or loose. To get a visual boost, you should choose a casual style. Fishtail braid works for any hair length and you can get it in your favorite shade and shape. You can combine several mini and huge braids together to create a beautiful hairstyle like this one.


How wonderful Cornrow braids are. Whether you prefer to wear it in a ponytail or go backwards, you will have an overwhelming and memorable look. Cornrows have always been popular with black women, but even modern women love to experiment with the style. In a word, literally everyone can rock terrific cornrows. You just need a little help to get the styles.

Dutch braid

Another popular type of braid is Dutch braid. The main difference between Cornrows and Dutch pigtails is in weaving. Dutch braids help to create extra volume as cornrows fall off and provide firmer hair. The longer the hair, the better the braids look. In fact, a good hair color is bonus for this style. Get it for yourself and keep your hair out of your face.

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