Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity inspired curly hairstyles

For years, women have been told to tame their frizzy hair and calm the unruly curls. But now everything has changed. Girls with curly hair are always looking for hair remedies. A hair straightener is the best friend of curly ladies. In fact, there is nothing wrong with styling your hair the way you want it, but if you belong to the group of curly ladies, we suggest you proudly embrace your texture. The curls come in many shades and shapes and you have many options to style them. Here we have put together some celebrity-inspired curly hairstyles to convince you that the curls are equally cool.

Halle Berry Voluminous curls

Halle Berry looks good with voluminous curls. If you are not blessed with these curls, you can get them easily, and it is not necessary to use special tools. Straws are the best patterns to get those curls. Consider adding some amazing highlights to your curls to make them even more stunning. These red carpet approved curls are available for everyone.

Rita Ora mid-length curls

Rita Ora offers less voluminous version of the curls. The curls are great to wear everywhere. The look of these curls is based on the curling tool you use. Rita Ora’s curls are inspired by retro looks and she rocks them with statement earrings. If you want to go back in time, do it with the help of these curls. Note that you also need to have a few pony to complete the style.

Kerry Washington Afro mane

Kerry Washington has a rich African mane that she knows how to style. The shape and volume of these curls are simply mind-blowing. Kerry Washington proves that Afro-curls are trendy like no other. It does not require a styling tool or product to achieve these voluminous curls. If you want to get more volume, tease your strands and have your desired volume.

Rihanna curls in ponytail

This black beauty always amuses us with breathtaking hairstyles. Be it long or short hair, it rocks best. This time she popped up with a ponytail made with natural curls. This iconic hairstyle does not require any effort and time to reach. All you have to do is raise your hair and secure it in a simple ponytail design. It’s crazy how easy Hollywood hairstyles are.

Vanessa Hudgens Long waves

Vanessa Hudgens shows some amazing waves that leave us with some hair envy. You will never be wrong with these waves. No wonder celebrities love these waves so much. It’s your turn to rock these chaotic waves and make a fashion statement. Good luck!

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