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Celebrity inspired bun hairstyles ideas

Promi inspirierte Brötchen Frisuren . There is nothing inspiring better than celebrity inspired bun hairstyles . The red carpet is the main place where you can see countless bread rolls in different colors and shapes. We recently discovered celebrities rocking ruffled and textured bread rolls.

It seems chaotic updos came to replace structured ones. The images collected below will prove that these iconic hairstyles are suitable for anyone – regardless of texture, face shape and hair length. Read on and discover the best idea for yourself.

Beach curls and updo

You have unruly curls and you can not handle them? Well, you do not have to be frustrated because there are so many fabulous styles for you. Just look at this carefree updo. It was created on curly hair. The maximum volume is the first thing that attracts attention. But you will still have to put your strands out of your face so as not to be bothered by the fringes that fall on your face.

Low Voluminous Bun: Celebrity inspired bun hairstyles

Low voluminous buns is the definition of elegance and femininity. This updo suits every texture and face shape. You can go anywhere with this messy bun. Gorgeous Peyton List styled her blonde hair in a low bun swept with a side bang. The small and soft roll sits in the neck for a sweet and refined mood. Get it yourself and make a fashion statement.

Loose and Messy Knot

Here is not less chic style that you might want to try for yourself. The carefree loose knot in the neck gives it an extra boost. But the thing that takes that look a bit higher is the facial frame strands. It is a casual as well as formal hairstyle that will give you a youthful mood. Keep in mind that this iconic hairstyle is super easy to create and does not have to be over the top.

Side rolls with pony

When it comes to celebrity-inspired updos, the options are really versatile. This is created on the side of the head for a better look. It is an asymmetrical bun which does not require excessive use of styling products or hair aids. It can be achieved with hairpins and tools. If you want to make it more formal, be sure to blow out the pony for a charming look.

Nape Bun and Bouffant: Celebrity inspired bun hairstyles

This bun is beneficial for those who have strands of hair throughout their hair. Take a look at this highlighted updo. It looks natural and effortless. This requires turning the strands back and styling them on the nape of the neck.

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