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Celebrities who cut their hair drastically short

Celebrities and superstars are known for their dramatic changes. They either do that to make a fashion statement or to portray a specific role they play. We have already noticed that it is no big deal for them to turn their hair colors into something very brave or to hack the stalls into something very short.

Just think about Cara Delevingne, when she appeared with a shaved head that was surprising to everyone. Today we will talk about celebrities who cut their hair drastically . If you are interested in seeing them, just scroll down.

Katy Perry Platinum Pixie

It is first on our list. Katy debuted her short pixie on Instagram. It was shocking for everyone how drastically she cut her hair into a pixie. Although this Pixie complements her beautiful face shapes, it is still something that fashion critics discuss. Katy also changed her brunette curls into platinum blond for a whole new look. This style is inspiring for their fans.

Lucy Hale Bob Haircut

Lucy Hales Bob is the winner of the year. Most celebrities have already experimented with the harvest and Lucy Hale is no exception. She is wearing a razor-cut bob designed for a smooth look. Obviously, this bob is one of the best options that Lucy could adopt. Those who are looking for a low-maintenance yet very stylish hairstyle should copy this look.

Zoe Kravitz Short Elf

Zoe Kravitz never stops surprising us. She pulled off a platinum blonde tone and proved that tone is good for the black complexion as well. Now she chopped off her strands into a super short pixie or buzzing haircut to show off her amazing features. Obviously, she is blessed with an impeccable bone structure. Platinum blonde shade softens the overall look of the Pixie.

Scarlett Johannson Short Elf

Do you remember Scarlett Johanson’s Cascade Castles? She cut her off. It was unexpected for all their fans out there. In fact, it’s a great option to spice up your own look, but let’s accept that not everyone is ready to go for a quick harvest like this. It is a great commitment that requires some courage. If you also want to impress your friends, follow Scarlett’s example.

Cara Delevingne shaved her head

No hair, no care! Cara Delevingne shaved her head and shocked everyone. She walked down the street, asking people what the reason for this huge transformation was. Some did not like it, but if you’re a good actress, you should be ready to shave your head and go for any drastic change it requires.

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