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Celebrities, skin hair color and hairstyle transformations

If we choose this or that hair color, we always try to find our inspiration among the favorite stars. They demonstrate new hair color and haircut options that are up to date and stylish. This article is dedicated to the biggest hair color and hairstyle transformation of celebrities .

The biggest hair color and hairstyle transformation of the celebrities

The look below will not only surprise you, but also make you transform.

As long as Knowles Blonde braids

If you follow this singer, you probably know that she loves great beauty risks. This time she presented platinum blonde braids during New York Fashion Week. This platinum color complements its dark skin tone and brings out the best of the style. The braids are fantastic because they not only have a feminine look, but also keep the locks under control.

As long as Knowles Blonde braids

Elle Fanning Maroon Hair: Hair Color 2019

Elle Fanning covers fall hair color trends and goes for a great hair color transformation. She paints her sunny gold curls a rich maroon. Obviously, natural looking maroon flatters her porcelain skin tone. This color does not require regular repair, because it is absolutely low maintenance. When you’re ready to dye your fair hair strands, do that with chestnut hair color.

Elle Fanning Maroon Hair

Halle Berry Purple Streaks

Halle Berry is just 50, but she looks like she was in her 18s. She proves that she can endure youthful and fresh hair trends. She threw some purple stripes into your locks. Purple stripes give the look a fun atmosphere. They not only take years off their faces, but also complement their skin color and eye color. If you want to look younger, consider such a transformation.

Halle Berry Purple Streaks

Emma Stone Long Blonde Hair: Hair Color Trends 2019

Emma Stone turned her signature praise into long blond hair. In fact, the long strands give her a whole new look. She looks different with her long hair. She has achieved the look with the help of extensions. If you have short hair, you can see it with a hair extension. You should choose hair extensions according to your hair color.

Emma Stone's long blond hair

Paris Jackson brunette hair

Believe it or not, but Paris Jackson showed up with brunette locks. It goes without saying that the brunette color fits perfectly with her ice-blue eyes. It’s a big transformation that highlights it. Well, some may think that brunette is the best color that complements her complexion, while others may want her to return to her blond curls, but one thing is for sure, she looks fabulous both as a blonde and as a brunette.

Paris Jackson brunette hair


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