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Cameron Diaz Short Hairstyles

The charming, graduated bob with a few pretty waves is formed into waves in the middle lengths to the ends and carried over one shoulder, highlighting the layers to enhance movement and lighten the edges. The fabulous bob is pulled over one shoulder and shows the long layers at the edges to loosen the length. The graceful hairstyle with the side swept pony is ideal for many special occasions and can be easily redesigned with the right tools.
Cameron Diaz Short Frisuren

The stylish short bob hairstyles look cool and sweet. It’s easy to win the excellent hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair.

Fitness face shape : oval, oblong, square and diamond

Fitness Hair Density : Thin / Medium

Cameron Diaz Hairstyles Styling Tip

Cameron Diaz Short Frisuren
Create a side panel and leave the side long pony skins that strongly contour the charming face structure. Curl your hair into curly curls and waves with a curling iron or hot rollers of medium length to the end in excellent waves to get a lot of volume and movement. Apply a little hairspray to keep the waves springy and full of life. It needs to be cut regularly to keep it stylish.

How to get hair like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Short Frisuren
1. Put some styling mousse on your palm and spread it evenly over damp hair.

2. Use a medium radial brush that works well on medium to long hair types. It can help make the wavy or curly hair structures bulky and smooth hair voluminous. A pure bristle brush is an ideal option as it does no harm to your hair.

Cameron Diaz Short Frisuren  3. Start with a brush in small parts from the neck / back to blow dry. Tilt your head forward, position the comb a few inches below the hair roots to keep it clean, and place the dryer over the comb for a few seconds before you reach the ends.

4. Start with a brush in small parts to blow-dry from the sides. Tilt your head forward, position the comb a few inches below the roots to keep them clean, and place the dryer over the crest for a few seconds before going to the ends. Take the same step for the other parts.

5. When you blow dry the hair on the crown / top, take part of the hair less than the diameter of the comb and blow-dry the hair by placing the comb under the hairline. Put the hair dryer in front of the comb; Follow the crest up at the roots and out at the ends for volume and softness. Take the same step until the part is completely dry.

6. Blow-dry your bangs, split your hair, and stick your hair back to leave just pony. Make sure your pony is wet to allow effective blow-drying. Next, take your comb and position it under your hair and then begin to blow-dry from the roots, more nung on the hair. Slowly pull your part to the end and continue to dry.

7. Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and then rub the hair ends down to get a sculptural look. Prick hair strands in different directions for a more chaotic effect.

8. Apply a little wax to your fingertips, then pull through your bangs and sweep your hair to the left. Pinching the hair ends can help to get soft texture.

9. Apply a little hard wax to your fingertips and then work it into your hair roots as you lift your curls to create a soft volume.

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