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Braided prom updo hairstyles for long hair

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Geflochtene Prom Updo Frisuren für langes Haar
Braided Prom Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair / Tumblr

The gently subtle, yet refined braid looks and enhances nicely. The breathtaking hairdo pulls the eye back. The hairstyle is good for straight hair and wavy hair.

It looks cool and easy to create. Tease the hair on the crown to reach height and height. Make a good pony. Breastfeed a loose braid for a more controlled limitation of the hair. Wrap around braid securely with a hidden comb fasten. To create additional effects, accompany some jewelry accessories.

Length : long
Type : braid; Updos
Hair color : medium brown

Geflochtene Prom Updo Frisuren für langes Haar

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