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Braided fauxhawk hairstyles for women in 2020

Mohawk hairstyles will never be obsolete, instead they will evolve day by day. Modern Iroquois do not need shaving the pages, instead you can use braids to imitate the shaved sides. Everybody loves Iroquois nowadays. They are great for rocking casually as well as formally. We have conducted our own research to bring you the best ideas of braided feminine Fauxhawk hairstyles in 2019 .

I’m sure after reviewing these images, you’ll change your mind about Fauxhawks.

Long braided fauxhawk hairstyles

It’s a chic hairstyle that can only be rocked by women who want to stand out in the crowd. White and gray hair color is striking and it makes a great choice for a bold Mohawk hairstyle. All you have to do is throw in a thick Mohawk braid and demonstrate your beautiful hair color. When it comes to styling, after a few practice sessions, you can achieve the beautiful braided style.

Fauxhawk updo

While braided hairstyles on long curls are pretty cool, short haired ladies do not have to feel left out. This updo is also possible on short hair. Just plait the pony into a loose fishtail and roll the tips of the curls, brush the sides and secure all together in a fauxhawk style. In fact, you have to use many bobby pins. Finish the style with a strong hair spray.

French Braid with a twist

Create your Mohawk with a sophisticated French braid that will turn many heads. In fact, long and thick hair is the best option for this style. The Mohawk looks twice better when he is spiced up with a balayage hair color. Note that this huge braid perfectly shows the highlights in the strands. Just make sure you have a good hair color like that.

Half Hawk

It’s not necessary to go all over the hawk to look so smart. It is possible to attract attention even with half a falcon. Below that you can see a beautiful Half Hawk, which requires a French lichen of the front and gently lets the rest of the streaks flow down. You will end up with a subtle mohawk that brightens the style. I am sure you will fall in love with this style.

Bold Mohawk

Besides these bold styles, thinking about something else is never bad. This mohawk needs to shave the sides and add some girly patterns. The following style proves that even daring styles can look ultra-feminine. If you want to make a bold statement, continue with this amazing style.

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