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Braid Hairstyles 2020

Summer time means festivals! Festivals are so much fun! I love the food, music, art and bring out my boho side! Not all of us live in Cali for Coachella, but we can still rock the best boho hairstyles!

Yes, Coachella gives us good inspiration, but it’s not the only summer party around! There is only something about wearing fairy make-up, bohemian dresses and simple loose braids that we love. This hairstyle fits perfectly with your boho collection. I love that these braids are for some age from little girls to teenagers to moms!

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, bohemian accessories, hairspray (if desired).

Time required: 3-5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Step by step instructions:

1. Start by sharing the hair in the middle.
2. At the back of the part near the crown of the head, take a very small section of hair on one side of the part.
3. Start creating a Dutch lace border. Here you cross the lower strand below the middle strand. Now cross the top strand below the middle strand. Alternately, keep the intersection under the middle strand, only now you will pick up a small piece of new hair and add it to the top strand before going under the middle. We just add new hair to the top strand. 4. This technique is the “top” part of the braid.
5. They braid from behind and move diagonally forward. Make your braid look like a side of a heart. (see pictures above or video for more details)
6. Once you’ve added all the new hair from the top, pick a new piece of hair from the back of the part where you started your braid. Add it to the bottom strand before crossing underneath, then finish with a regular 3 strand braid to the bottom of the hair. This will help to keep the shape that we want for that look.
7. Now take all the hair on the same as your braid (including your braid) and break it down into 3 sections. Their braid starts with the middle section.
8. Create a regular 3-strand braid all the way down the hair.
9. Go back and pancake the outside edges of your pigtail to give it a full boho look. Secure with a small elastic band at the end of your braid.
10. Repeat steps 3-8 on the other side of your head.
11. Finish with leather headpiece or flower crown {if desired}.

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