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Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for 2020

Blonde Balayage is a uniquely interesting technique that lets you creatively work with your hair. It will give your strands a natural look and even after growing, your blonde balayage will still look fabulous.

Best of all, no one with the same hair color as you can be seen. Each hair color is adapted to the complexion and the wishes. Just pass through these awesome blond Balayage hair colors for 2019 and pick something for you.

Blonde Balayage hair color

This blonde Balayage hair color tends to turn heads. It’s a look many ladies are trying to get. No doubt, it’s a great care, especially if you do not have blond hair. Brunettes have to take some whitening sessions and then swing the color. This type of balayage always requires the mixing of platinum, beige and creamy tones. The result is this spectacular sound.

Blonde Balayage with Shadowy Roots

When we think of the sun, the golden notes are the first thing that comes to mind. The following hair color stands for sun and summer. It contains some golden hues mixed with just the right amount of dark tones. It’s a big shadow that can be used as a summer to fall transformation. Keeping the roots dark will automatically reduce maintenance. Do not hesitate to try the look for yourself.

Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde was the hit of last season and continues to be our favorite option among blondes. Actually, it’s a pale blonde, mixed with shades of gray. Light gray gives the look a dull feel. If you plan to recreate, make sure that your roots remain darker than the rest of your strands. It makes the style less maintenance.

White sand-blonde balayage

White Sandblonde is not the same as Sandy Blonde. It is another clever shadow that is just as chic. When it comes to blonde palette, balayage options are countless. You can try this extraordinary style and it includes a deep chestnut base that melts into the color. If you are a brunette, you will want to bleach your hair to get the style. It’s a good idea for blondes to update their current hair color.

Golden blond balayage

If the light golden blonde is not for you, why not try a heavy golden blonde? It’s a bold shadow that rocks great in the fall. Ask your barber to give you a dark base and deep golden tips. Regular repairs keep your hair color fresh.

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