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Best long hairstyle ideas

Sophie Turner will prove to you that long hair does not mean you can not mess things up. Their incredibly loose waves or braids in red or light blonde are handy to give you an idea of ​​how you can combine things with longer strands. Below we’ve put together Sophie Turner’s best long hairstyles for girls looking for a new style.

Getting an amazing hairstyle does not require much commitment. Check out these eye-catching red-carpet approved ‘dos’.

Chaotic Loose Braid

This messy braid looks so undone. It is spiced up with a nice black band on the tips. Actually, this red carpet hair look can be achieved by every woman out there. All you have to do is loosely weave your braid and create the illusion that it will be undone. After watching Sophie Turner with a chic but effortless hairstyle, everyone wanted to copy the look.

Loose Wavy Hairstyle: Best long hairstyles

The following hairstyle has a chic side part and a padded pony. It’s a look between polished and brezzy. But look at Sofia Turner, she rocks the style so cool. It’s an excellent hairstyle that works well on everyone. All you have to do is use a proper type of curling iron to achieve your preferred types of waves. Then add a bit of disarray to the hairstyle and your impressive look is ready for any occasion.

High ponytail

Lightly combed roots and softly curled tips lift this feather-light ponytail one step higher. This high ponytail is so easy to create. All you have to do is to pull your hair upside down and collect it together in a simple ponytail like this one. It’s a good idea to keep the streaks out of your face while maintaining your femininity and elegance.

Long and slim: best long hairstyles

Long and slender styles are ideal for women with thin and straight hair. Stick straight hair is in the mainstream, as it has already succeeded, making it a great comeback. However, if you plan to maintain the style, be sure to use heat protection products to help keep your hair healthy. It is a chic headdress that can be worn both casual and formal. Straight hair is literally for everyone.

Chic bread

Slim and rippled hair is perfect for ballerinas, but the rest of us can rock it with a bit of texture. Structured hairstyles are nothing more than amazing. Since this hairstyle brings all the threads together, it draws perfect attention to Sofia’s face shape. However, it complements every hair structure and face shape.

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