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Banded Twist Braid 2020

Today we have a great athletic hairstyle to share. The #CGHbandedtwist is a combination of twists and banded ponytails.

This hairstyle keeps your hair nice and safe as well as out of your face. It’s perfect if you have your kids in the gym, tumbling, dancing or older girls in football, volleyball or basketball! If you are not in sports, this hairstyle is cute for everyday wear.

To see your own photo replicas of this style included in our app, you can tag your photos on IG with #CGHBandedTwist

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Step by step instructions:

1- Start by sharing your hair in the middle. Secure a page with a temporary elastic band to keep your way.
2. On the side you work on, divide your hair into two sections, front and back. Part should be right behind the ear.
3. Secure the back half with a temporary rubber band.
4. You will work from the point on the hair tip where your middle part and side part meet. To make the same diagonal or pie shaped sections, start at the top and divide your front section in half. Clip the back half out of the way.
5. Start at the top and divide your front again in half. Attach the top in a ponytail with a small elastic band.
6. Lift up the second section, add the first ponytail and fasten it in a second ponytail with a small rubber band.
7. Release your clip and create two equivalent sections. Carry on two tied ponytails.
8. Loosen your temporary rubber band in the back half of the hair and repeat the same steps to make 4 more cuts. In the end you will have 8 sections on the half of the head.
9. Repeat the banded ponytails on the opposite side of the head.
10. Now you have two big ponytails at the back of your head.
11. You have several options at this point. Hold the ponytails or you can twist a rope, a fishtail, a regular braid, a pull through, etc.
12. We decided to do a rope turn. Divide the ponytail in two parts. Turn both sections in the same direction, turning the sections in the opposite direction to form the rope. Secure with a rubber band.

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