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Back to school hairstyle for medium-length hair

Back to School Frisur für mittellanges Haar, die leicht gemacht werden können. Here are the best back to school hairstyle for medium length hair that can be easily made. Follow the process and get a new look.

  1. Rope Braid Ponytail

Ponytail and braids are evergreen hairstyles. And a combination of the two creates magic. This hairstyle is not only super chic, but also super easy to do. Secure the hair in a high ponytail. Divide your hair into two sections and turn both sections in the same direction. Twist these two parts in opposite directions to form a rope braid. At the end, tie them together with a rubber band. And it’s done.

  1. Ponytail with a twist

Ponytails are the hairstyle for every girl and when it comes to school, we girls need something that is quick and easy. So what’s better than a ponytail? This one is an improved ponytail. Here you have to put on two ponytails – one at the bottom and one at the top so that the upper ponytail falls right over the ground and covers it. This type of ponytail gives your hair volume and long layers.

  1. French braided ponytail

zurück zur Schule Frisur für mittellanges Haar geben . Ponytails have the advantage of giving you a neat look among other things back to school hairstyle for medium length hair . Braids and ponytails are always an excellent combination. Now all you have to do is pull back your hair and tie it with a rubber band to form a ponytail. Take a strand of hair from your ponytail and add a French braid and take sections of your pony each time you make a stitch. And make a braid so that it encloses your ponytail. And tie the end with a rubber band.

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