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Asian hairstyles for girls: Short straight hair

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Short straight hairstyle looks cool and cute. It can earn you a lot of envy admiration and make you more beautiful.

The light brown coat hairstyle can be quite romantic and fashionable. The front part is smoothed, which is perfect for people with a long face. The back of the dainty locks tapers down the throat with layers cut to the crown. Many facelift layers give the whole look a lot of volume and shape.

Styling steps

  • Smooth the hair and smooth it out. Create different layers to add volume to the overall look.
  • Cut the hair around the neck in the neck area. Just cut long layers over the edges to soften and soften the hairstyle.
  • Make a neat pony fall over your forehead.

Asiatische Frisuren für Mädchen: Kurze glatte Haare

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