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Ashley Scott Short hairstyles

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Ashley Scott Kurze Frisuren

The length of the nicey cheeky short bob hairstyle is jagged cut and reaches almost to the collar. Leave only long layers cut at the edges to soften and soften the hairstyle. Serrated Cut Pony places beautifully on the forehead to frame the top of your face and make the uncomplicated hairstyle outstanding.

Short hairstyles need to be cut regularly to maintain style and avoid split ends. The smooth, subtly layered Bob looks cute and charming.

Ashley Scott Short hairstyles styling tips

  • Smooth all hair to get rid of the tangles. Cut the hair off the side and make the back longer than the side.
  • Create a side pony to combine the gorgeous hairstyle.
  • Lastly, spray a small amount of hairspray one arm-length apart to the top, side and back.

Ashley Scott Kurze Frisuren

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