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African American short curly hairstyles

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The feathery hairstyle is soft and seductive. The curls are suitable for almost all face shapes.

The excellent big jumping hairstyle can be an ideal choice for people with thin hair. The dizzying look is very easy to recreate.

First, divide your hair into four even sections with a comb. Then divide the hair in a section into small sections, depending on how thin you want to turn. Divide each section of hair into two parts and wrap the strands of hair over and over again until they make a long turn.

Repeat the process with the remaining parts and work with one area of ​​your head until all hair is in twists.

The hot rollers are the best tools to create curls of different sizes that look more natural. For a cool summer, you can comb all curly hair into a high ponytail and combine it with some accessories.

Afroamerikaner kurze lockige Frisuren

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