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Adorable Short Haircut: Layered Hairstyles

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This short and adorable hairstyle is cut short through the back and sides near the head and blends into the upper serrated cut layers, which bring a lot of texture.

The front part is smoothed, which adds some sweet and cool factors to the gorgeous hairstyle and they can greatly enhance the big eye. The stunning shiny hairstyle is timeless and is great for people with round face shapes.
Styling steps

  • Hold the thinning shears diagonally across the cut and cut the hair down with scissors. Shape your pony with scissors.
  • Pull out a 2-inch-wide section of hair at the front. Cut the hair in the back of your head slightly shorter than the front and side. Keep the top section at least 2 inches thick and no longer than 4 inches long.
  • Subtract some long neat bangs subtly over the forehead to make the whole hairstyle tender and soft.

Adorable Kurzhaarschnitt: Layered Frisuren

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