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4 beach waterfall 2020

Today we want to share a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle. This is a 4-strand waterfall that will impress friends and family. I love half-up styles. You can keep your hair, but away from your face.

Required items: brush, comb tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairpins and hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Hard

Step by step instructions:

1. Share your hair on one side.
2. Pick up a small piece of hair on the strong side of the part.
3. Divide into 4 parts. We will mark them 1-4. The highest strand (closest to the top of the head) will be number 1 and then go down 2,3,4.
4. Knit strand 1 under strand 2 and over strand 3.
5. Now take strand 4 over strand 3 and under strand 2.
6. Now we start again, labeling the strands 1-4. # 1 is the highest strand. Only this time, take a new hair section above and add to strand 1 before starting step 4.
7. Then take a small piece of hair and add to # 4 and repeat step 5.
8. Start again and label parts 1-4. # 1 is the highest strand. Repeat step 6.
This time, before you start with strand 4 … .. drop strand 4, pick up a new piece to replace strand 4. Cross strand 4 over strand 3 and under strand 2.
9. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you reach the other side of your head. Stop your waterfall and do a few 3-strand mesh stitches to secure your braid.
10. Attach your braid as close to the head as possible with a small rubber band.
11. Go back and pancake the edges of your pigtail to create more volume.
12. Take a small part of the hair from the front of the other side of the head (opposite where you started your braid), turn it back and put it over your rubber band. Secure with a hair clip.

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