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3 favorite short hairstyles

I LOVE LOVE LOVE short hairstyles! We have two short haired daughters and always try to develop hairstyles that are cute and creative. Here are my 3 favorite shorthair looks!

1- Side Pull Back: I love this retraction because it’s a French braid with a little twist. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is cute and easy then I recommend this hairstyle. It’s perfect for any occasion and is a great way to wear your hair, but out of your face. To get a boho feeling, just pancake the pigtail.

2- Double Dutch Buns: Whether you’re on your way to yoga, having lunch with friends, or shopping for groceries for the week, this hairstyle is perfect for on the go! Even if you have layers, your hair will stay in place, but look stylish too.

3- Double Node Pull Back: BEND. AND. SNAP. This hairstyle has always been a family favorite. This hairstyle is not only worn by the fabulous Elle Woods, but is also adorable! This is perfect for a nice day. You can also get ready in record time, because this hairstyle only takes 2 minutes!

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