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3 Date Night Hairstyle Ideas 2020

Love is in the h (air)! The time of love is in full swing and that means one thing: DATE NIGHT! Whether you dance the night away or enjoy a romantic dinner for two, you should make sure you have the perfect hair! Here are three of my favorite date night hairstyles that your special someone will have ready to sweep you off your feet!

3 Date Night Hairstyle Ideas 2018

1- Pull Thru Updo: Did you make reservations at your favorite restaurant or get tickets to your favorite game? No problem! This updo is cute and refined and perfect for one night.

2- Half Up Side Braid: I absolutely love this look! This hairstyle screams romance, and it’s so easy to do. Pair this with a cute dress, and you’ll be getting compliments all evening long!

3- Waterfall Bun: Last minute plans? Do not stress! This hairstyle only takes a few minutes to do! Just throw on a blouse and your favorite jeans, and you’ll be all set to go!

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