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2020 Winter Brunette hair colors

Brunettes continue the fight with blondes and this fight will have a winner. For now, we can enjoy another serving of delightful Celebville brunettes who have captured our hearts with their impeccable beauty.

Talking about the benefits of brunette hair color is just a waste of time. The only thing you should know is that brunette hair color is suitable for all skin tones. Unlike blond or any other light color, brunette is less moody.

It takes less effort to keep the paint in perfect shape with fewer touch-ups. I think that is a very important reason for choosing brunettes.

2019 Winter Hair Color Trends include all shades of brunette and all you have to do is choose the best one for your makeover. One of the hottest nuances of brunettes is golden brown, which warms up cold winter days and gives your hair a touch of sunshine. This subtle and natural shade of brown can also be completed with a few lighter tones to create an illusion of voluminous hair.

It would have been ridiculous to forget about ombre hairstyle because it is still considered the most stylish and popular painting technique chosen by celebrities. The best thing about Ombre is that it’s easy to hide overgrown dark roots (actually, you do not hide them).

Since we are talking about brunette hair color, you should consider ombre hair with dark brown roots and golden brown edges, but if you are the lover of non-traditional types, you can get different color combination.

Let’s get darker. Dark mahogany and dark brunette turn you into a real lady vamp with dark hair, porcelain skin and green eyes. Nobody will resist yours.

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