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Among the female haircuts that will come into fashion in 2019, many girls will find familiar and up-to-date updos. So what hairstyles will be Hair Trends in 2019? We will try to talk about trends in haircuts in our report.

2019 hair trends: fashionable hairstyles for short hair

Which stylish updos in 2019 hair trends? One of the stylish hairstyles remains Bob. kurzen Haaren als auch Besitzer mittleren Haares anprobieren kann . It should be noted that Bob can try on both short haired and medium hair owners. This haircut, however, looks very impressive.

Perhaps the only drawback is that it will be necessary to style hair almost every day. Bob has several varieties, among which there are several fashionable female haircuts:

  • classic bob
  • asymmetric bob
  • Bob with a torn or straight pony.

Also, there is the possibility of the bob on the leg, but lately this haircut is gradually leaving the leader’s position in the forefront of fashion.

2019 hair trends: asymmetry with short hair

Asymmetry is the choice of ladies who are tired of the dress code, the strict business style, the rules and the frame. Desire for creativity and fashion experiments: That’s what guides girls in choosing this haircut.
There are different ways of asymmetry: asymmetry is a typical flowing transition and a cunning effect. In such variations, the following haircuts can be made:

In choosing the asymmetry, the stylists traditionally recommend that girls immediately choose a creative color that differs from the natural color.

As for recommendations, asymmetry is suitable for those who understand and feel sports style in clothing. In addition, these haircuts are well combined with Art Nouveau.

You should also pay attention to spectacular make-up that would transform your face and emphasize all the virtues.

2019 Hair Trends: Trendy updos for medium hair

Among the fashionable hair trends 2019 for medium hair, the following haircuts deserve special attention:

  • cascade
  • elongated bob
  • Graduate Bob.

Cascade will always be trendy. It goes with girls with medium hair. At first glance, haircut seems to be very easy, but it is not. Cascade brings lightness and some negligence, which are the basis for romantic bows.

The picture is refreshed by bang, asymmetry or shortened neck.

The maroon cascade will please brave girls who are not afraid of extra attention for their person.

It should be noted that with curly hair this wonderful haircut is quite problematic. In addition, it will be difficult to maintain its original appearance. In that case, it would be more logical to give up cascade in favor of something else.

2019 hair trends: extended bob and shaved head

Modish Oblong Bob takes the lead in 2019 hair trends. In combination, the shaved head looks perfect. To make the haircut look neat, you need to work that part of the head regularly.

Those with a shaved head are very surprised to see drawings on their heads. They are not just shaved on the back of the head. Experts in the hairdressing sector also recommend the choice of shaved whiskey.

Graduated Bob will suit those girls who could not choose between Cascade and Bob. By the way, Bob lives up to the owners of fine hair. This haircut visually adds volume. It’s enough to learn how to style your hair in such a way that Bob creates an effect of maximum volume. Bang will add romance and flirt to the picture.

How to Make Bob Hairstyle

There are several ways to put Bob. including:

  • Laying with straight locks
  • wave
  • neatly ruffled hair with waves.

Make your hair perfectly smooth by ironing. The main thing, do not forget the special remedy that prevents hair from drying out.

To give the hair the shape of waves, you need an iron. The same applies to neatly neglected styling.

Which hairstyle to test for long hair

weiblichen Haarschnitt , versuchen Sie folgende Hochsteckfrisuren: Choose fashionable female haircut , try the following updos:

  • cascade
  • Haircuts with pony.

Cascade can be classic, torn or asymmetrical. It needs no special care. To create a festive picture, it is enough to give volume to the hair. For example, it can be Hollywood curls.

At home, it’s pretty easy to make such a haircut. Incidentally, it is not necessary to use curlers for this updo. Ironing is suitable.

Haircuts with pony

Bang will bring freshness and tenderness into the picture. Incidentally, this will be the trend throughout the year. When deciding which type of bang to choose, consider the shape of the face.

Round cracked pony fits round face. Owners of an oval face should consider a big bang with rounded edges. Thick bang with torn edges looks good with a square or rectangular area.

When choosing a style you should remember the dress code at work or in the educational institution. In places where the appearance is judged very strictly, popping shades or unusual shapes are inappropriate.

Trendy shaggy haircut

Many women with this haircut are still unknown. Stylists are sure that by 2019 literally fashion podiums will be blown up.


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