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20 beautiful prom hairstyle designs for short hair

If you are on the go prom Then there will undoubtedly be one of the best nights of your life. You’ll choose an incredible dress, make your makeup perfect, and style your hair until you have your best look and hold the evening forever in your memories. Long hair is known for its versatility, which allows you to shape it in different ways, but short hair can be a little harder to style. PoPular Haircuts have some awesome hairstyle designs for collected short hair that will make sure you stand out on prom and just look fantastic.

It’s your opportunity to dress up like a princess, make your makeup and spend an extraordinary night with your favorite people. You want to feel absolutely beautiful on your prom, and your hairstyle is one of the most important ways to make sure you’re just gorgeous. For long hair, it’s easy to wear the hair or create a lavish make-up, but this post will prove that you can create a whole range of versatile looks with short hair. Here is a selection of gorgeous prom hairstyles for short hair.

Pink Bob with French Braid – Pastel Short Hairstyle

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

This cheeky pink Bob launches our Prom Gallery with a bang – do not you think? You can recreate this incredible look with ease. Start by cutting your hair into a pine-bob. Color a pretty pink color. Add curls in the whole hair. Work a pretty French braid from the front of the hair back to the ear for a stunning end result.

Braided Up Do with Curly Curls – Prom hairstyle ideas for short hair

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

With extra braids, Up Dos becomes even more special – especially when it comes to special occasions like prom! Re-create this look by knitting a thick French braid over the entire length of your hair. This will turn the edge section into a mesh and retain any loose strands. Pull the ends of the hair into a bun. Let some curly curls around your ears.

Twisted and Pinned Curly Up Do

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

Pinning your hair in curls can make the most beautiful and glamorous we have ever seen. Steal this stunning prom style by first adding curls all over your hair. Work tight curls from top to bottom. Pull your hair backwards into a classic look. Take parts of your ponytail, twist them and pin them down for that amazing curly look.

Twisted blond updo hairstyles

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

Another stunning prom hairstyle that can be added to the collection! This beautiful blonde has really stolen our hearts. Grab the length of your hair and work in a cool twisted do. Your hair should be fixed in place to preserve the unique twisted style. Finish with a pretty flower accessory. Let a few strands of hair fall loose around your face.

Knotted Caramel Up Do – Bob Hairstyle

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

Caramel is such a stunning blonde shade character – so why not show off with a beautiful up do for the prom? Cut the length of your hair into sections and create a cool and chunky knotted braid. Interweave the sections and pin so that all the hair in this unique are knotted. You are guaranteed to go crazy with this incredible style!

French braided half section

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

You can work a braid in your hairstyle in an amazing way while still keeping the majority of your down and lots at the same time! Start by putting beautiful curls in your hair from top to bottom. Take the front section on one side of the head and work backwards into a French braid. Pin on the back of the head to create a unique half-down look.

Pinned and hidden under the blonde bob

20 wunderschöne Prom Frisur Designs für kurze Haare

Up Dos does not always have to be smooth and supple – a little Tousle goes a long way, especially for prom! Take the length of your hair and work in tight curls. Turn around and fix it, make sure you put all your hair into the hairstyle. Lose Tousle the top of your hair for a unique and rugged finished result that is still beautiful and perfect for prom!

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