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15 sweet rolls for the summer

What is the biggest trend for 2018? Pastries! They are everywhere – from celebrities to schoolgirls to everyone in between. The best thing about bread rolls is that they are extremely versatile: just stick it with a topknot in 2 seconds, or add some elegance to your style with curls and teasing.

You will find a wide selection of bun hairstyles on this list for all occasions, whether you’re getting ready for school in the morning or at a wedding .

Loose high bun with the subtle height

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

Long layered locks can really make a nice high bun. Give your locks a little bit of fun on the crown for extra height, and make sure your bun is a bit messy for the nicey bed head appeal that’s especially glamorous with a few pieces left over the face.

Simple topknot: Simple, everyday hairstyle for women

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

On those days when you are in a hurry or just do not feel like styling your hair, but still want to look cute and trendy, the topknot is your best friend. It’s quick and easy – throw it in about 30 seconds and go out the door!

Colorful underbraid topknot

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

With dazzling colors like this, little styling is needed to make a statement; but why not go the extra mile for greater impact? A Unterflechte to a topknot is a great way, your look add an extra dose of personality and beautiful design – try it out!

Voluminous high rolls

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

You can never be wrong with the volume! Give your bun a little extra boost by loosening it up for extra volume. This look changes slightly from day to night, depending on your clothes, and its versatility is one of the main reasons voluminous bun hairstyle is a top choice for all women.

Red Hot Topknot with undercut

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

If you indulge in an edgy and wildly undercut like this, you certainly want to show it. Make your fiery undercut the main attraction by turning your hair into a tight bun .

Chic, classy blonde bun

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

Bread rolls are not just for busy mornings; You can also choose one of the most beautiful hairstyles for a wedding, if they are designed properly. Her noble bun is undeniably refined and is quickly paired with fine earrings and a dazzling dress.

Fishtail High Bun

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

With buns and braids so popular right now, why not combine both trends into a great hairstyle? Before winding your curls into a tall bun, make your hair a fishtail braid. It is a glamorous style that is sweet and sensual, full of beautiful depth and contrasts.

Teased bun with loose strands

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

Your bun hairstyle can be made with something sassy and nicey volume if you tease the crown before tying it back. The extra height makes for a very elegant finish, especially if some strands remain on the face.

Mermaid Topknot with Braided Wrap Around

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

Mermaid hair is so mystical and divine, given a soft and delightful touch with a lush untidy topknot like this one. Add even more dainty appeal by braiding a few strands of your hair and wrapping it around the bottom of your bun.

Elegant bread roll

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

The most regal situations require an elegant “do to suit the occasion, and this totally divine bun hairstyle is the ideal candidate. A breathtaking piece of art that is unmatched in beauty and etiquette.

Pony and rolls

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

If you have such a lovely pony, it would be a crime to tie them back. Throw the back half of your curls into a trendy tight topknot and give your lush pony a little slap for a nasty yet very feminine look.

Polished wrap around Topknot

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

To make it look a bit more “put-together” and polished, make sure your tresses are tight when you put on your bun. Wrap a piece of hair around your hair band for a bit more depth and flavor.

Tri-Braid Back Topknot

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

With a little more time to style your hair, you can give your hair bun extra shine! Design your locks in three braids that lead back to a messy bun . The result is super sweet and ultra feminine with a bit more depth that looks absolutely pretty – especially if you have contrasting curls that come to life through the braids.

Wavy high rolls

15 süße Brötchen für den Sommer

Before you hold back these curls, give your hair a little wave (unless your hair is naturally wavy – then blow-dry it and throw it up). This gives the bun a little tenderness that can not be achieved.

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