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15 short wavy hairstyles

Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence’s short curly bob or the sheen of Margot Robbie’s shoulder-length waves, it’s certain that wavy hair is seriously in vogue. It does not matter if you do not have naturally wavy hair or you do, there are several style changes that fit every woman. With just a little hair, hair straightener or curling iron you are just minutes from this modern, chic look. Read on to find out how you can make the short wavy hairstyle with minimal effort and make it your own.

1. Short wavy bob

The key to a trendy short wavy bob is how your hair is cut. Try a different layering technique for a different hair thickness. We love the feathery layers at the ends of the hair for a messy, almost bedridden look. Style hair with a deep part for added drama, and spritz the roots with a sea salt spray to enhance your waves. Alternatively, you can cut your hairdresser’s layers around the face for a cute, playful bob.

2. Medium wavy bob

Minimal care and effortless style, a mid-length bob is ideal for waves. If your hair is naturally wavy, use a wide-toothed comb, not a brush, to avoid frizzy hair. If your hair has no movement, apply a sea salt spray to damp hair and blow dry the hair around your head. When you dry, knead your hair with your hands to create waves in your strands. This look is incredibly minimalist, which means you can still exude sophistication, but without the hassle.

3. Long wavy bob

The long wavy bob or praise look is modern and relaxed. We recommend keeping things as casual as possible. Use a hair straightener on clean hair, and curl sections of your hair down from the ears for a natural look. Finish with hair spray and brush through your hair with your fingers for the ultimate shaggy look. The result will be trendy and fashionable.

4. Wavy Bob with Pony

Bangs add an extra element to an otherwise understated hairstyle and are an excellent option for edgy ladies. Short hairstyles with bangs are easy to achieve, with the choice of different length bangs, which means that there is a look for women of any face shape and mood. Keep your pony short and dull for a bold statement, or opt for longer, thinner pony for an elegant, sophisticated look. Anyway, your pony will complement your short action and make the waves the star of the show.

5. Wavy Bob with side pony

It could be argued that Side Pony are a touch more feminine than normal, which makes this style perfect for the chic woman. To rock this look, keep your bob shoulder length, rather than shorter. In this way, the side pony fits seamlessly into the rest of your hair, making it look pretty and soft.

6. Wavy Asymmetric Bob

A unique and whimsical style, this wavy asymmetrical haircut is a modern interpretation of the bob. Sometimes a smooth straight asymmetric hairstyle can be a bit too daring for some, so adding a wave softens the look. But you can still make a statement. We recommend setting this page to a subtle pony so that the asymmetrical shape is not too one-sided. To get the cut, let your hairstyle on the longer side through the hair to get an even nicer style.

7. Wavy reverse bob

The inverted Bob is the darling of many female celebrities and is seriously in vogue. With the length on the front and the shorter hair on the back, this haircut in the morning requires minimal styling, which means you can press this snooze button. The long layers cut across the ends and back will create a natural wave, but this will be enough when needed for this reliable sea salt spray.

8. Wavy Pixy cut

A pixie cut can be whatever you want. Everywhere at the front or longer short, you can choose the bedhead look or opt for something elegant and chic. However, to get the wavy look, everyone is lustful, hold your back and celebrate in front. Waves and length on top of the crown mean that you can style in a side piece or straight back for a mood.

9. Short thick wavy hair

Thick-haired ladies, do not stress. You can also get the short, wavy style, just think of Jennifer Lawrence Circa 2018. Let your hair be blunt cut for this look, with fine, long layers on the face. For thick hair, it’s best if your curls are lightly layered to promote the waves, otherwise you can style with your favorite hair straightener for loose movements. We love the voluminous look, so change your shampoo to one that boosts your roots for added drama.

10. Short fine wavy hair

The trick to managing fine hair is to make sure you get the right haircut to fake volume and texture for otherwise flat hair. Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can still get a short wavy hairstyle that amputates the look of your curly hair. The beauty with a short haircut is that the shorter the cut, the thicker the hair shines. Opt for a blunt cut across the ends to create the illusion of volume, and styling waves with your favorite hair straightener or curling iron will give it even more depth.

11. Short wavy blond hair

Blondes have more fun, right? So why not rock that look, whether in a sandy or bold color. If you are not a natural blonde, be sure to maintain your color with a special shampoo and conditioner to remove unwanted brassy tones. If you dye your hair, invest in a good hair mask if you regularly rock the glamorous waves as well.

12. Short wavy, brown hair

The fact is, any color you choose to dye your hair will not matter to him a short wavy haircut. Such a versatile fit fits women of all ages, you can not go wrong. With brunettes, however, you can choose a block color for a seamless look or play with highlights. When you model hair in waves, you enhance the effect by adding highlights and lowlights. Make sure that the colors are subtle and complementary.

13. Short wavy black hair

Ozing posture and edge, a short, wavy black cut is ideal for the modern woman. Whether you want to add more depth with blunt bangs is up to you. However, to match the theme of elegant black, we recommend a shine serum to give your hair a smooth, shiny finish. The waves will only add to the texture to complete your edgy look.

14. Short wavy hair with side part

If your face shape is long and rectangular instead of round, a side piece is perfect for you. When the hair is swept aside, it creates the illusion of volume and movement. Also for ladies with heart-shaped faces fits this style. To mess things up, try a zigzag part for a fun, youthful atmosphere.

15. Short wavy hair with middle part

The classic middle section is versatile and trendy. This style is ideal for oval faces, but fits most face shapes out there. Whether you want to shape your waves, it’s up to you whether you’re looking for smooth, sophisticated waves or a shaggy beach-babe look. To style, take a large curling iron to cut hair, but only for a few seconds heat. Go with some hairspray for hold that lasts all day, and your curls will naturally fall into random waves for a cool, chic finish.

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