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10 best updos

Updos: Full braid /

The whole head is full of delicate and fabulous pigtails that add some funny and quite romantic factors. The glam braids are securely attached with hidden pins. This adorable hairstyle is better for people with long or heart-shaped face. The delicate braided up-do is of strong fashion and is a real eye-catcher. A little hairspray helps to keep the loose strands of hair well.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Simple messy updos for every day /

This chaotic updo looks fantastic and causal. The hair combed us for a chaotic effect. This luscious and beautiful hairstyle is a cool choice for the hot summer and your lazy days. For additional wow effects, you can combine it with flowers or jewelry accessories.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Braided Updo Hairstyles for Prom: Basket weaving updos /

This stunning wicker looks radiant, gorgeous and very 3D. The fantastic up-style is full of glamor and romance. It’s great for a cute date. The beautiful textured hairstyle is perfect for people with long hair who are looking for a fabulous hairstyle. A little hairspray helps to keep the loose strands of hair well.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Simple updos for medium-length hair /

The updo looks simple, but fascinating and glamorous. All the hair in a fashionable and spectacular up-style. The delicious up-style is cool for formal and informal events. You can add some hair accessories to hide the hole and make it luscious. The romantic updo is minimalist.

10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Braided Bun Updo /

This is a super high bun hairstyle with a cute braid turned around it. This glamorous braided bun creates the ideal blend of casual and refined. The handmade braid gives the seductive bunny funny and romantic moments. This fabulous hairstyle works better with straight long hairstyle. The super modern hairstyle can earn a number of head turns.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Simple stylish updos for long hair /

The gorgeous, fashionable updo exposes the nicey neck and pretty forehead. The bottom section is plaited and styled with the hair into a romantic big knot on the crown. The chic and gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for almost all face shapes. The stunning twist hairstyle can be your option for bad hair days. It is certain that the delicious bread can earn you admiring glances.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Fast Updo for Women and Girls /

This adorable fabulous updo is a real eye-catcher. The top part is crowned to make the low bun, which has a sleek and modern look, a lot of fun. This adorable and stunning hairstyle can flatter many face shapes and is perfect for hot summer days. You can add some accessories to make the bun even more beautiful. Some keep hairspray and bobby pins can help keep it in good shape longer.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Messy Page Updo /

This chaotic bun is trendy and unique. It is of high fashion and has a strong effect on medium and long hair. The fabulous messy bun is fantastic for the office and a lazy day off. You can just pull all your hair together and place it the way you want. Some keep hairspray and hairpins can help keep it in good position for longer.

10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updos: Beautiful braided updos /

The fabulous chaotic bun with a sweet and luscious side braid is pretty trendy and totally romantic. The loose braid gives the bun hairstyle a lot of fun. The great braid up style is perfect for the holidays or a night! You can combine it with a big headband or scarf.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

Updo Hairstyles: Different Types of Bun Hairstyles /

The fabulous up-style with a high proof looks tender and breathtaking. This breathtaking fun Up-Do is of undemanding sophistication and can greatly enhance your charm and grace. The voluptuous hairstyle makes the forehead visible and looks better on the oval face shape. It is of great fashion and works wonderfully on medium and long hair. For other factors you can accompany some accessories.
10 besten Hochsteckfrisuren

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